Need help with the old music box in your upright floor machine?

K.C. Coin-Op can help you with the correct music box and linkage in your early upright floor machine. Many of these old slot machines are found with the music boxes missing as they were removed long ago. This was due in many cases from the dust as it would build up in the mechanism and after causing the operator too many problems they were removed for good.

The music box was usually installed right in the factory by the slot manufacturer with the intent to get around the gambling laws of the day. Slot manufactures considered the music box which would play a tune on every play of the machine would then convert that gambling machine into a musical cabinet. Now with a musical cabinet it was considered legal as you are getting something for every play of the machine and that was in the way of a tune. This worked for many years to circumvent the state and local laws in those questionable areas.

You will find many different styles of musical uprights with their ornate castings which pronounced the machine as a "musical cabinet" and these were purposely located right out in the open or basically front and center of the machine. The slot manufacturers such as Mills, Caille, Watling, Victor, White, Berger, Gabel's, McDonald, Schiemer-Yates, etc. used many different styles of Swiss music boxes such as Mermod Freres, Paillard, and many others. Most all of them were in the form of cylinder players but a few actually came with disc players.

These old Victorian upright floor machines have a look of there own with their fancy wooden cabinets, big ornate coin heads, & those beautiful color wheels. You would have found these old slot machines in just about any saloon located next to the bar, in that old hotel near the front desk, or in just about any other establishment located in an area which would allow them to swallow up your hard earned money. Collectors search high and low for that special floor machine with music and you can only imagine that dusty old saloon and a drunk cowboy beating on the musical floor machine that just took his weeks wages.

A Few Examples