Antique Slot Machines

Want to sell your old slot machine and get top dollar?

We are very interested in buying your old mechanical slot machine no matter what the condition. If the machine is incomplete and doesn't work we don't care. If you have more than one machine even better as we are looking for many different models.

These old slot machines were widely used all across the country just as they are today. We are especially interested in the early machines used in the first half of this century. These machines will range in size and shape and as to what you are gambling on. They were made of different materials such as cast iron, aluminum, & wood. The most common and widely recognized slot machines are the 3 reel slots which have 3 reels in a cabinet to gamble on. The reel strips on these machines came with many different symbols such as fruit, letters, bells, horseshoes, and just about anything else you can think of. They will also show up with a singe, double or even up to 4 reels in some machines.

The dice slot machines are another form of the slot machine such as the Mills Dice, Bally Reliance, or Buckley Bones. With these antique slot machines you actually play the game of craps and after the first throw of the dice you are betting on the number you hit to pay off. These machines are very fascinating and can actually pay on the first roll if you hit 7 or 11 and will also lose with a 2, 3, or 12.

The horse race slot machines will vary from the smaller counter top machine all the way up to the floor model which was in a large wooden cabinet. The Superior Races and Seeburg Grand Champion are just a few of the countertop examples. They were very similar to the 3 reelers with the handle on the right side of the machine but instead of vertical reels they were horizontal and had tin or metal horses cut out on them. The Paces Races, Rays Track, and Bakers Pacers are some of the larger machines which would take up some serious floor space. These machines would have the actual straight away track that the horses would race down to the finish line.

Some of the early versions for the slot machines were much like the upright floor machines of the day. These machines would work in the same fashion but on a much smaller scale as a counter top version. They would have a single color wheel in which you would bet your money on a color. There are many different models such as the Busy Bee, Wasp, Brownie, Ben Hur, and Owl Jr. just to name a few. They also made these slots in a dual wheel version with such examples as the Silver Cup, Loving cup, and The Duo.

We are very interested in these old mechanical slot machines and condition, location, or amount is no problem. If you have one you would like to sell contact K.C. Coin-op and we will be glad to buy it. Contact us.

A Few Examples