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This is One of the largest presentation of upright floor machines ever printed on a single flyer. Bernard Sicking of Cincinnati made these flyers up to sell off his overstocked inventory of used machines back in the early 20's. The upright floor machines were long past their prime and getting out of date as the new rage was for the current models with 3 reels. They took up little space, weighed much less, and had far more features so you can only imagine how hard these old floor machines were to sell. Think about it, would you have much luck selling a personal computer from back in the early 90's against today's models? The flyer is 24" x 18" and printed on both sides with photos of 22 different floor machines and a total of 60 items all together. It was also produced from cutting out the artwork of the machines from their original flyers and catalogs.

One side of the flyer has only upright floor machines pictured such as the Mills Owl, The American Beauty, The Mills on the Square, The Mills Duplex, The Caille Venus, The Caille Puck, The Caille Big Six, The Fox, The Mills Dewey, The Mills 20th century, The Admiral, The Rival, The Watling Dewey, The Star, The Hartford, The Cupid, The Watling Big Six, Three Arrow Jackpot, The Caille Black Cat, The Elk, & The King Bee.

Front of Sicking Flyer

The other side of the flyer has pictured the Mills Duck, The Jumbo, The Sky Scrapper, The Illinois, The Monte Carlo, A Regina Music box, The Horseshoe & Eagle, The Log Cabin, O.K. Counter Gum Vender, The Jumbo Giant, The Canada Card Machine, The Kalamazoo, Paddle Wheel, The Busy Bee, Orchestral Regina, Pellet Vending Machine, The Cashier, 4 Counter Pocket Machines, Iron Card Machine, 5 Penny Changers, Paper Paddles, Automatic Regina, & 8 Tokens.

Back of Sicking Flyer

I picked up a small hoard of these which were reproduced and sold back in the 70's by the late Dick Bueschel. These huge flyers are folded up just as they were in 20's to be sent out. If you have any interest let me know or you can hold out for an original but there are only a couple original examples known. They look great framed on the wall above your favorite machine.



American Saloons, Pre-Prohibition Photographs is a companion book to Roger Kislingbury's first book, Saloons, Bars & Cigar Stores.

There are over 345 pages in a 9"x 12" hardbound book, including over 200 duotone photographs, most are full page. The vintage photographs show saloon exteriors and interiors, back bars, fixtures, taxidermy, gambling, and coin operated slot machines.

The book is a step back in time, allowing a visual journey into the early American saloon.

Saloons Bars & Cigar Stores (SOLD OUT)

Here's a book we highly recommend you buy and it's the best saloon book you will ever find with some amazing historical photos.

Pictured are interior photos of saloons, bars, and cigar stores, and many with early coin operated gambling machines such as slot machines, trade stimulators, various counter models, cast iron and wood vendors.

Pictured on location are many examples of machines manufactured by The Caille Bros. Co. Mills Novelty Co. , Charles Fey, Watling, ect. There are many images of Brunswick Balke Collender front and back bars, partitions, pool tables, billiard rooms, various saloon fixtures, advertising signs, and taxidermy.

The finest compilation of pre-prohibition interior photos of American Saloons, bars and cigar stores published to date. It was published 1999, Hardbound, 9" x 12", 336 pages, and with a embossed cover.

Over 170 never before published photo images which most are 7"x10" duotone prints including 29 color-litho post card views. It has a fantastic collection of pre-prohibition American saloons, bars and cigar store interior photographs.

You can buy this directly from the publisher for a limited time for $45 contact them at and get one today.

Saloon Book

Saloon Book

Here's some of the greatest coin-op photos we have ever seen and many with the early upright floor machines. If you have any old coin-op photos you would like to share email them and I will be glad to post them. If you enjoy these old photos the book listed above is packed full...