Upright Floor Machines

Want to sell your machine and get top dollar?

If you are looking to sell an early Upright Floor Machine we will buy it no matter what the condition. If your machine doesn't work or even if it has missing parts we would like to buy it and we are one of the largest buyers in the country when it comes to these old slot machines. These upright floor machines were located all throughout the country at the turn of the century. They could be found in that small cowboy town in the west, large hustling city on the coast, rough mining town up in the mountains, or even in that relaxing resort for the wealthy.

These early Victorian slot machines were made by well over 30 manufactures back then such as Mills Novelty, Caille Brothers and Watling Manufacturing. The slot manufactures copied one another as there were very strict patent laws on gambling devices by the U.S. patent office. Due to this situation nothing was safe and you will find many machines very similar in style and with the same names such as Owl, Judge, Dewey, Chicago, Big Six, Jockey, Roulette, Puck, and many others.

The upright floor machines are normally found with a large color wheel in the center of the machine in which you would bet on the color the wheel would stop on. There were also many other forms of the upright floor machine such as the Mills Cricket or Caille Bullfrog which look like a large coin flip machine. With these two machines you will actually shoot the coin you played across a play field in hopes of landing it in a pocket to win. The Mills Roulette, Caille Roulette, or Foss Novelty Roulette is just another form of the upright floor machine. They have a short ornate wooden cabinet with a roulette wheel in the top which you bet on what color the ball will land on. The Watling Derby is in the same cabinet as the roulette but with horses in place of the roulette wheel.

These old ornate machines are the predecessors to the mechanical three reel slot machines and the slot machines we play in the casinos today. We are very interested in these old slot machines and condition, location, or amount is no problem. If you have one you would like to sell contact K.C. Coin-op and we will be glad to buy it. Contact us

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