Upright Floor Machine Slot Glass

Searching for an old slot glass?

K.C. Coin-Op can help with the slot glass found in the old upright slot machines. We have a wide selection of the early floor machine glass in stock. The slot glass will typically range in size from a 15-18 circle or an 18-20" square. If you have a piece in need of restoration we can take care of this and make it as good as new.

The elaborate glass will typically have the center section of the glass chipped, silvered, and painted with several different colors. In some instances you may find a boarder or the design around the edge of the glass to dress them up even more. The slot manufactures would make them as flashy as possible to draw your attention to that particular machine. You will find these elaborate slot glasses with all sorts of designs, names, faces, and just about anything to do with the time period.

A good example and one of the most common glasses is the Dewey which will usually have a photo of Admiral Dewey in the glass. These were used by a lot of the slot manufactures and in many different styles such as the shield glass, sunburst glass, and many others. Admiral Dewey was a well known Admiral in the Navy who was 'The Hero in Manila" so to put his face on your machine was to make it instantly known. They would also use the city in which the manufacturer was located such as Chicago, Detroit, etc. or even the name of the manufacture such as Mills, Caille, Watling, and Gabel's.

If you are looking for a certain glass let us know and we will be glad to help. If you have an extra piece you would like to sell we are very interested in purchasing it.

Here are some of the early floor machines with glass

A Few Examples